Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support (60 Tabs)

CLASSIC CHICKEN FLAVOR - Finicky cats rejoice: our classic chicken flavor is a favorite among felines. NATURALLY SAFE - With natural key ingredients, Vet's Best Feline Urinary Tract Support provides a safe and effective way to bolster your cat's normal, healthy urinary tract function. VETERINARIAN FORMULATED - Support your cat's healthy urinary tract with our veterinarian-balanced formula of natural key ingredients, including cranberry, parsley, and slippery elm. QUALITY - Each bottle carries the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal. EASY TO FEED - For best results, break one or two tablets daily into smaller pieces to release ingredients and the natural flavor your cat will love. Vet's Best Feline Urinary Tract Support promotes a normal, healthy urinary tract function in cats. Each chewable tablet contains a vet-formulated blend of key natural ingredients to support your cat's healthy urinary tract. Give your cat one or two tablets daily, and for best results, break tablets into smaller pieces to release ingredients and flavor. Ingredients Active Ingredients: Cranberry Fruit 50 mg, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 25 mg, Parsley Leaf 5 mg, Couch Grass Root 5 mg, Cornsilk 5 mg, Uva Ursi Leaf 5 mg, Slippery Elm Extract 5 mg, Butcher's Broom Root 5 mg, Marshmallow Root 5 mg, Horsetail Leaf 5 mg. Directions for use: Directions for cats: To release ingredients and to activate the natural flavors your cat will love, break chewable tablets into smaller pieces. Give one tablet twice daily.

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