Self Serve Dog Wash

K9000 Dog Wash Machine – $10

12 minutes. The fully self-contained K9000 Dog Wash can shampoo, flea treat, condition & blow-dry. The K9000 is easy to use so any dog owner can use it, plus it is much faster to wash a dog in than a conventional bathing tub.
Currently available at our Port Coquitlam, Mission, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Abbotsford, Victoria, and St. Albert locations.

Bathing Tub – $10

30 Minutes. Station is fully equipped to bathe your dog.
Currently available at our Maple Ridge & Chilliwack locations.

Note:  We do not accept dogs that have been skunked.  Please use Nature's Miracle Skunk or EcoSolve Odour Eliminator at home before coming in for a dog wash.
Due to safety concerns of other pets we cannot accept washes for dogs that have an infectious parasite such as ringworm.