Dog Training

Dog Training in Victoria

Dog Training in Victoria: Hot Diggity Dogs!

Training is provided by Donna with Hot Diggity Dogs! To book a session, please contact Mr. Pet’s – Victoria at 778-977-3641 or email us at

Puppy Classes

$180.00 for 6 classes. (Classes run for 1 hour)

Puppy classes are Saturdays from 11-noon year round with the exception of holiday weekends.

Basic Obedience

$180.00 for 6 classes. (Classes run for 1 hour)

Dog training for dogs ages five months and up. The goal of these classes is to teach leadership skills, self-control, build confidence and develop the bond between owner and dog. The course covers specific cues: sit, stay, come, heel and down as well as leash manners. We also offer this course in an outdoor setting from spring to fall in a local park in Victoria, BC.

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