EP Naturals Diatomaceous Earth [25lb]


NaturalDE Animal Feed Additive (AFA) is designed for use as an inert carrier or anti-caking agent in animal feeds in an amount not to exceed 2 percent by weight of the total ration. For further manufacture of feed.

Our natural, diatomaceous earth (DE) powder, NaturalDE AFA, meets inorganic standards of U.S. Food Chemical Codex (FCC) and is made of amorphous silica with a high absorption capacity. It is 100% all natural DE and is an animal friendly product.

The high absorption capacity of NaturalDE AFA makes it an ideal anti-caking agent for use in animal feed to eliminate clumping, especially with bulk storage and transfer applications.

Is NaturalDE AFA allowed for use in organic farming?

Yes. Our 100% NaturalDE AFA is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic use.

Our 100% NaturalDE AFA is made from a special grade of diatomite ore that is only cleaned and dried, not calcined. Some other grades of DE are not US Food Chemicals Codex grade.

Good rules to follow when buying diatomaceous earth for use in animal feed:

    • Obtain the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).
    • Determine if it's fresh water diatomaceous earth or salt water (marine) diatomaceous earth. The particle sizes and effectiveness can be very different. Fresh water DE is preferred.
    • Does it meet inorganic standards of U.S. Food Chemical Codex (FCC)? This is what you want for an inert carrier or anti-caking agent used in animal feeds.
    • Is it OMRI listed? OMRI lists products allowed for organic use, so look for the OMRI logo on the label.
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