Bold by Nature Mega Chicken Patties [4lb]


Mega Dog Raw provides an affordable raw food option for families with bigger dogs or multiple dog households. It is made from triple-ground meaty bones, organ meat, kelp, and a veggie mix of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and collard greens. All the meats are antibiotic and hormone free.
In the Mega Dog Raw blend, nutritious vegetables have replaced the tripe used in Bold Raw to meet the portion needs of a bigger dog at an economical price point. The blend still contains a low vegetable content, compared to similarly-priced options, staying true to our low glycemic philosophy.
Mega Dog Raw comes in a convenient tub format, making it easy to scoop-and-serve at meals and resealable to prevent leaks in the fridge. The blend contains nutritious veggies and no filler. Big dogs love it — thanks to the high meat content!

· Mega Dog Raw Chicken Patties make it easy to thaw and serve a healthy meal to your dog
· Mega Chicken is a tasty, nutritious and affordable raw dog food in a convenient patty format
· It contains triple-ground whole chicken with bone, chicken liver and a veggie mix of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, collard greens & kelp
· The meat passes strict safety inspections for human consumption and is only sourced from government-inspected facilities
· Meats are antibiotic & hormone free and come from local Canadian farms
· Even the kelp comes from Atlantic Canada!

Bold by Nature
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Chicken w/bone, vegetables(carrots, zucchini, collard greens, broccoli) chicken liver, kelp.