Lilly Brush Fluffy Pets Fabric & Rug Cleaner


If static is a magnet for your pet’s constantly soft undercoat fur, this revolutionary fabric brush will save you hours of cleaning time! So much easier and faster than hauling out the vacuum or fiddling with wasteful sticky rollers!

Product Features

  • Faster than a vacuum, better than a lint roller
  • Nylon bristles capture and rat together fluffy pet hair
  • Cuts static electricity to pick up clinging hair
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle allows for sweeping in any direction

How To Use

  • Use a circular or side to side brushing motion
  • Slightly dampen bristles with water for best results
  • Occasionally vacuum bristles to keep brush like new for years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on my pug’s hair?
- This brush is designed for fluffy under-coat hair. If your pet has short wiry fur, try one of our rubber blade products!

Does it work on clothing?
- Yep! It’s designed to work on clothing and upholstery alike!

Lilly Brush
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