Red Dog Blue Kat Beef Bone Femur

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They are a source of calcium and promote oral health and hygiene.

Raw bones are an essential part of a quality raw diet. They are a source of calcium and promote oral health. Bones are nature’s toothbrush! Chewing on bones also helps to release endorphins.

Recreational bones —weight-bearing bones that should be gnawed on and not chewed or swallowed. Bones that are filled with marrow should be avoided if your pet has pancreatitis.

Contains marrow in a hollow centre. Remove bone once marrow has been consumed.

This product is available in small and large sizes.

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Brand Red Dog Blue Kat

Ingredients: Beef Femurs

When choosing a raw bone for your pet, please note these important tips:
  • Always choose bones larger than your pet's mouth capacity to avoid choking.
  • Always supervise your pet while chewing on bones. 

Never feed cooked bones!!!

If your pet cannot tolerate raw bones, be sure to include a meal that contains bone in it 3-4 times per week. Alternatively, you can add a quality natural sourced calcium supplement to their diet.