Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish


The Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish, also known as CPO (Cambarellus patzcuarensis var. Orange), is a small freshwater crustacean that originates from Mexico. As the name suggests, this species of crayfish is orange in color, with bright shades ranging from a light yellow-orange to a deep, fiery orange. They have a distinctive body shape with two large pincers and four pairs of walking legs, which they use for movement and foraging. Their carapace, or shell, is smooth and glossy, and they have large, black eyes that sit on top of their head. They are also relatively easy to care for and can be kept in aquariums with other peaceful species that won't harm them. They are omnivorous, and their diet includes algae, plant matter, and small invertebrates like worms and insect larvae. Overall, the Dwarf Orange Mexican Crayfish is a colorful and fascinating addition to a freshwater aquarium, with its distinctive appearance and active behavior.

Temperament: Peaceful

Care Level: Easy

Max Size: Typically grow to be around 1.5-2 inches (3.5-5cm) in length.

Temperature: Water temperature between 70-78°F (21-26°C).

PH: Slightly alkaline water with a pH between 7.5-8.0.

Diet: Omnivorous, and will eat a variety of foods, including sinking pellets, flakes, algae wafers, and live or frozen foods like bloodworms or brine shrimp.

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