Shipping Info

Within Canada

MrPets offers free shipping on orders over $99 (before taxes and shipping) that are shipped via Standard Delivery. Most orders are ready to ship within 48 hours and are shipped out daily, Monday to Friday. Some exceptions apply.

USA & Mexico

We currently offer small packet delivery under 3lb to the continental US and Mexico.

Vendor Partners

Most products are shipped by MrPets, however, the following products may be shipped directly from the vendor and take longer to arrive.

  • Bowser Pet Products may take 9-15 days


While most orders over $99 qualify for free shipping, some heavier or larger items may still have an additional surcharge. Some products may also be ineligible to be shipped.

Does not qualify for free shipping:

  • Aquariums & terrariums
  • Some canned products
  • Larger crates & carriers
  • Farm feed
  • Foods & liquids over 3lb
  • Gravel & rocks over 3lb
  • Cat Litter
  • Ramps
  • Most scratching posts
  • Some shavings
  • Some substrates

Not shippable, available for store pickup only:

  • Most glass products
  • Insects
  • Fish
  • Animals
  • Live Plants
  • Frozen food
  • Refrigerated food

MrPets free shipping offer is not available in certain remote areas with postal codes starting with:

  • Alberta: T0A, T0B, T0C, T0E, T0G, T0H, T0P, T0V, T0J, T0K, T0L, T0M
  • British Columbia: V0B, V0C, V0E, V0G, V0J, V0K, V0L, V0N, V0T, V0V, V0W, V0P, V0R, V0S
  • Manitoba: R0A, R0B, R0C, R0E, R0J, R0L
  • Newfoundland: A0E, A0G, A0H, A0J, A0K, A0M, A0N, A0P
  • Nova Scotia:  B0C, B0K
  • Nunavut:  X0A, X0B, X0C
  • Northwest Territories:  X0E, X0G
  • Ontario: N0R, P0H, P0L, P0M, P0T, P0V, P0X
  • Quebec: G0G, G0W, G4T, J0M, J0W, J0Y, G0X
  • Saskatchewan: S0C, S0E, S0H, S0J, S0K, S0L, S0M, S0P
  • Yukon: Y0A, Y0B