Zodiac Premise Plus Flea Spray [710ml]


Help rid your home of unwanted pests with this spray. The formula helps control adult fleas and helps kill flea eggs and larvae for up to 7 months.

Help create a pest-free home with this ZODIAC Premise Plus Flea Spray. The specially designed formula helps put an end to the flea life cycle by halting the growth of flea eggs and larvae. The spray helps kill adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae hidden in furniture, pet bedding, carpets and other surfaces for up to 7 months, so you can enjoy long-lasting freedom from unwanted pests.

  • Helps kill adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae hidden in carpets, cracks, crevices, upholstery, furniture, pet bedding and other areas of your home
  • Helps kill adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae for up to 7 months
  • Water-based spray helps prevent stains and sticky messes
  • Precor insect growth regulator helps prevent flea eggs and larvae from maturing into adult fleas
  • Treats approximately 300 sq. ft. (28 sq. m)
  • Read entire label before using this product
  • Adjust the spray nozzle to create a fine mist, and apply uniformly without wetting furniture and carpeting
  • Always test a hidden area prior to use, since some natural fibres (such as wool) and synthetics may be adversely affected by any liquid product
  • Use care when treating wood surfaces, as water spotting may occur
  • Active ingredients: (s)-methoprene 0.01%, permethrin 0.25%

Keep out of reach of children. Keep children away from treated surfaces until dry.

Do not apply to pets or humans.

Remove pets and birds, and cover or remove fish tanks or bowls before using this product.

Available in a 24-oz. (710 mL) size

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