Kelco Zap Ear Cleaner [1 Gallon]


Zap Ear Clean RTU

What can I clean my dog's ears with? What can I do for my dog's itchy ears? What is the stuff in my dog's ears? If you've ever asked or wondered...ZAP EAR CLEAN™ is the answer.

ZAP EAR CLEAN™is a professional strength liquid ear cleaner.  ZAP EAR CLEAN™ contains no soap or detergents and it is the best KELCO™ ear cleaner available.  It is formulated to clean the ear of debris and build up without drying out the skin and leaves no residue or moisture when applied correctly.  For instant results, with no waiting, ZAP EAR CLEAN™ is the one for you.  ZAP EAR CLEAN™ is mild, contains natural oils and extracts, pH balanced, and biodegradable. 

Directions: Highly Concentrated, Professional Use Only.  For light, cleaning use a cotton ball or swab as an applicator and apply to the external ear. For heavy dirt build-up, apply EASY EAR CLEAN™ to the ear, allow to set for 30 seconds.  Rinse as needed. Always wipe off excess with a cotton ball.

MADE WITH: Natural wood oils, Fruit extracts, Herbal extracts, and Vitamin E.

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