Horse Health Products Pure Neatsfoot Oil [946ml]


Over time the oils inside of leather products dry out, so in order to keep your leather products in peak condition, it is important to replace them with new oils. Pure neatsfoot oil does just that! It is a natural preservative and softener for dressing all leather products.

Tips For Oiling Leather Tack
· It's always best to clean your tack thoroughly before applying a conditioner or oil. Apply a thin layer of Neatsfoot Oil with a clean cloth or paint brush to both the grain and flesh sides of the tack article.
· Leather's "œthirst" varies by environment, temperature and time between conditionings, so apply another coat if the oil soaks in quickly.
· Let the leather item sit all day or overnight to allow the leather to soak up the moisture it needs. Remove any residual oil with a clean cloth and buff out to a shine.
NOTE: Neatsfoot Oil should not be used on suede objects.

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