Andis Clipper Oil [118ml]


Ensure your tools are ready for your next creative breakthrough with must-have Andis Clipper Oil. Specially formulated to prolong the life of Andis equipment, this extra-premium mix keeps blades friction-free. The odorless, color-free formula won’t discolor or damage metal. To use: wipe or brush excess hair from blades. With the blade pointing down, apply one drop on each side of the blade and three drops across the teeth. Turn your tool on to distribute the lubrication, then turn off and wipe off any excess. Keep your blades in peak condition with Andis Clipper Oil.

Use Andis® clipper oil to lubricate and clean blades. Brush hair from the blades, add 5 drops and wipe away excess oil with clean cloth. Hang or store your Andis® clipper with the blades down to prevent excess oil from entering the clipper body.

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