MrPets is pleased to help look after your pet!

Please call ahead to ensure the store has space to board your pet, up to one month's notice may be required depending on availability. In addition to your pet, please bring their bedding, food, vegetables (if applicable) and an adequate cage for the time they will spend here. For pets requiring live food, we can provide this at an additional cost.


  • Food and bedding must be provided by the pet owner for all pets
  • Pet owners must provide a clean, adequately sized cage for all pets
  • There will be a $10 cleaning fee for pets with dirty cages upon arrival

Service includes twice daily

  • Food & water checks
  • Spot cleaning


Budgie, Canary, Cockatiel, Lovebird, Conure, Parrot

Finch, Budgie, Canary, Cockatiel, Lovebird*
One Bird: $8 / Day
Additional bird: $4 / Day

Conure, Parrot*
One Bird: $10 / Day
Additional Bird: $5 / Day

Degu, Gerbil, Hamster, Hedgehog, Guinea Pig, Rabbit

Degu, Gerbil, Hamster, Hedgehog*
One pet: $6 / Day
Additional pet: $3 / Day

Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rabbit*
One pet: $10 / Day
Additional pet: $5 / Day

Basic and Special Reptile Care

Basic Care Reptile*
One reptile: $6 / Day
Additional reptile: $3 / Day

Special Care Reptile**
One reptile: $10 / Day
Additional reptile: $5.50 / Day

* Additional bird and small pet prices require that all pets use the same cage
** Special Care: Large reptile, reptiles with large cages, or those requiring special individual care or attention

Pets staying 3 weeks or longer will receive 25% off the daily rates.

Available Locations

Boarding is currently available at our Coquitlam, St. Albert, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Victoria locations.
Our Port Coquitlam location currently offers boarding for small reptiles, hamsters, gerbils, and mice only.