Servicing Made Easy

Step 1

Pack your tools in a well padded box. Scissors are best
packed in their original cases and clipper blades should
be individually wrapped. Please avoid using envelopes
to pack tools. Please include your email and phone number and if you desire to have your order mailed
back to you, please include your mailing address.

Step 2

Drop off at one of our BC locations, or you can mail your tools to:

Excalibur Sharpening & Supply
33507 Thompson Ave, Mission, BC V2V 2W9

Step 3

Tools are professionally sharpened, cleaned, sterilized
and tested for sharpness before leaving our facility.
Orders will be ready within 5 business days and we'll
contact you when your order has been completed.


Clipper Blade (Small Animal) $11.50
Clipper Blade (Large Animal)
if excessively damaged, add:
Ceramic Blade Sharpen $5.75
Ceramic Blade Sharpen with Blade Replacement $20.75
Dematting Comb $13.00
Disassemble & Sharpen Nail Clippers $14.00
Hairdressing Scissors឵឵ $21.00
if excessively damaged, add
Service Andis Clipper
Authorized Repair Centre
Service Oster Clipper
Authorized Repair Centre
Service Wahl Clipper
Authorized Repair Centre
Service Dryer - ON HOLD $50+
Replace Scissor Pivot Screw $4.00
Replace Scissor Bumper $4.00

** Excessively dirty blades are subject to 'Cleaning Fee' - flat $20.00

Please note: The cutter on Wahl Arco Blades must be replaced with each sharpen, and the top blade can only be sharpened 4-5 times. We charge $16.50 to sharpen the Wahl Arco Blade, which includes replacement of the cutter.  We do not sharpen Arco Mini, Brav Mini and other similiar blades.

Contact Us

33507 Thompson Ave, Mission, BC V2V 2W9
Email: Excalibur Sharpening