All For Paws Meta Ball Turbo Ball, 3" -Medium


The All For Paws Meta Ball Turbo Ball is a durable and lightweight dog toy designed to provide a high level of excitement and stimulation for your furry friend. With a diameter of 3" (medium size), it is suitable for medium-sized dogs. The Turbo Ball features a textured surface that allows for unpredictable bouncing and rolling. The unique texture of the ball adds an element of randomness to its movements, making it more challenging and engaging for your dog.  Additionally, the Meta Ball Turbo Ball is designed to float in water. This feature makes it an ideal toy for water activities, such as playing fetch in the pool, lake, or beach. Whether your dog is a land or water enthusiast, this toy offers versatility and can provide entertainment in various environments. Durability is a key feature of the Meta Ball Turbo Ball. It is constructed using sturdy materials that are able to withstand rough play and chewing. This ensures that the toy remains intact and can withstand the natural wear and tear of regular use, increasing its longevity and making it a reliable choice for your pet.


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