All For Paws Snoring Cuddler Pig


The All For Paws Snoring Cuddler is a product designed to address pet anxiety and provide a solution. Whether they are new to the family or simply enjoy cuddling, the snoring cat toy emits a gentle purring sound to help soothe your furry companion.

This product offers several features:

  1. It reduces negative behaviors associated with anxiety, such as whining and barking, by tapping into the pet's natural instincts, without the need for medication.

  2. The cuddler is made from a soft and cozy material, perfect for snuggling and cuddling sessions.

  3. It recreates a sense of intimacy by providing physical warmth and a familiar, comforting purr. This helps alleviate feelings of loneliness and separation anxiety in pets.

  4. The purring mechanism is activated by pressing it and automatically shuts down after running for 2 minutes. If needed, it can easily be deactivated by pressing it again. The toy operates on two AAA alkaline batteries (not included).

  5. The cuddler is machine washable, with the purring mechanism easily removable for cleaning purposes.

Overall, the All For Paws Snoring Cuddler offers a comforting solution for pets experiencing anxiety, providing them with a sense of security and companionship.

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