Pawise Plastic Rattle Ball Cat Toy


Introducing the Pawise Plastic Rattle Ball Cat Toy, the purrfect playtime companion for your feline friend. This engaging toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your cat. The Pawise Plastic Rattle Ball Cat Toy is made from durable plastic, ensuring it can withstand your cat's playful pounces and swats. The ball is lightweight and easy for your cat to bat around, promoting physical activity and engaging their natural hunting instincts. What sets this toy apart is its built-in rattle feature. As your cat bats the ball, the internal rattle produces an enticing sound that captures their attention and adds an extra layer of excitement to playtime.The Pawise Plastic Rattle Ball Cat Toy is a simple yet effective toy that will bring joy to your furry companion. Watch as they chase, swat, and have a ball of fun with this engaging and entertaining toy.

*Sold Individually

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