DVL Kopper Kare Solution [475ml]


Kopper Kare is a treatment for thrush, foot rot (in cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs), hoof punctures, cracked hooves, and ringworms. The convenient squeeze applicator is specially designed for reaching deep into the crevacis where thrush organisms breed.

Benefits of horse thrush remedy: Fungicidal and Bactericidal ingredients eliminate foul odor and promote healthy tissue growth. The sloughing agent sloughs off dead tissue. Kopper Kare does not sting or stain, does not dry out the hoof, and convenient squeeze bottle applicator can be used to apply with one hand.
This treatment applies to the following species: Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Dogs, Horses, Sheep, and Veal.
Directions: Remove all dead tissue and cleanse the affected area. Then, use Kopper Kare by squeezing the bottle or applying with a brush/swab.
Kopper Kare does not contain formaldehyde!
Do not use on: Cats, Rabbits, Lactating Dairy Animals, and Teats!

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