Stall Dry 100% Wood Pellets, 35lb


A safe and natural solution for ammonia control for all animals. Kiln Dried. 

Pet Bedding:

  • To refresh bedding, thoroughly sprinkle over bedding surface. Cages: For initial application, apply 2-3 inches of Stall DRY evenly to a clean surface area. To refresh area remove solid waste, stir up litter and sprinkle a layer of Stall Dry over area.
  • Sprinkle over surface area after changing or topping off your favorite pet litter.

Cat Litter :

  • Fill a clean, dry litter box with approximately 2 - 3 inches of Stall DRY
  • Remove waste clumps daily with a slotted scoop.
  • Add fresh Stall Dry to litter box as required to keep litter box comfortably full.
  • Completely empty and wash litter box once a month.

Stall Dry can be used to remove oil spills or other liquid spills cover spill with a generous amount of Stall Dry. Sweep up when dry. Use on oils, fuels, paints, coolants, grease, water, and other spills.  

Stall Dry
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