Interheat Heat Bulb Red 250W [2 Pack]


Infrared Lamp R40 (120-130V) 2 Pack InterHeat's infrared bulbs are incomparable with her competitors whose products have suffered many known problems such as loose base, short life, unconcentrated heat radiation, etc. Since her market debut in 1996, InterHeat has satisfied her pig farm customers by providing solutions for these common issues and has been leading the market as a dominant player. Now, let us explain strengths of InterHeat products with more details. Why does InterHeat Infrared Lamp have a long life? The short life of existing Infrared Lamps, which is less than a month in the continuous lighting, is due to the problem that the lamps cannot resist their own heat. However, the products of InterHeat are manufactured based on the heat-resistant structural technology. The life of InterHeat Infrared Lamps is same as the life of the filament. They last more than 6 months in the continuous lighting unless there is glass bulb damage due to external impact. Why does InterHeat Infrared Lamp never have loose-base problem? Since existing Infrared Lamps emit insufficient heat, piglets do not feel warm even under the Infrared Lamps and sometimes climb onto others' back instinctively trying to get closer to the lamps. This may bring physical impact to the lamps and often cause damage to the lamps. Other manufacturers know that the heat is sufficiently concentrated in the center if the filament is located in the optimum light center. But they only try to locate the filament as far as possible from light center due to the concern about the problem of short life.

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