Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support [60 Chewable Tablets]


CLASSIC CHICKEN FLAVOR - Finicky cats rejoice: the classic chicken flavor is a favorite among felines.

NATURALLY SAFE - With natural key ingredients, Vet's Best Feline Urinary Tract Support provides a safe and effective way to bolster your cat's normal, healthy urinary tract function.

VETERINARIAN FORMULATED - Support your cat's healthy urinary tract with this veterinarian-balanced formula of natural key ingredients, including cranberry, parsley, and slippery elm.

QUALITY - Each bottle carries the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal.

Active ingredients: Cranberry (Dried), Ascorbic acid, Parsley (Petroselinium sativum), Corn silk (Zea mays), Uva ursi (Arcostaphylosurva-Ursi), Couch grass root, Slippery elm, Butcher'S broom, Marshmallow root, Horsetail

Inactive ingredients: Brewer's yeast, Cellulose, Liver powder (Defatted porcine), Magnesium, Stearate, Natural chicken liver flavor

Vet`s Best
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